Frequently Asked Questions

Who all is attending?

See the Who's Attending link on the BoFest webpage. It will update as attendees are added.


How do I get added to the Viber Group & Attending List?

Once your hotel or flight is confirmed (or be local to the area) contact ag_00 or ?? to be added to the BoFest Viber Group.


Are there Group Rates at any one hotel?

Not yet but there may be depending in interest. We'll be doing some research on this. Stay updated by watching the website.


Who is invited?

Everyone that wants to attend!


Will I get down there and never see anyone?

Absolutely not! You tell us you've arrived and we will hunt you down if we have to!


Are all activities open to everyone?

Anything published as a group activity yes, determined by available space (like the Fishing Trip is limited to 18).


Is all of this really free?

No. The majority of your trip is your personal responsibility. 


The Chat White Party there will be no associated cost  to those who choose to attend. Food, drinks & entertainment will be provided.


Fishing trip - there will be no cost to you associated with this trip other than what you bring to eat or drink.


Strip Club - VIP Entry & Seating will be covered for the entire group. Drinks and Dances will be your personal responsibility (as of this time).


Party Bus - There will be no associated cost to you other than your own booze while on board.


Hotel - You are responsible for your own hotel accomodations.


Transportation - You are responsible for your own transportation needs.


Airfare - You are responsible for your own airfare.


Meals - You are responsible for your own meals.


Drinks - You are responsible for your own drinks.