About TDTM

What kind of place is this?  

TDTM is an Adult Based Video and Audio Chat Room located within Paltalk, Adult Playground.


The room has a long standing history of making new friends, watching sexy ladies on cam & listening to great mic personalities and DJ's.


Simply put, it's an easy place to make friends from around the world! Join us and see for yourself!




The Senior Team

Room Rules

Respect all room


TDTM insists that you leave the drama and ugly at the door.


We all come here to enjoy our time, please be the same by not aggravating someone else deliberately.


Disruptions to the flow and mood of the room will be dealt with swiftly as will public criticism of a fellow cammer or mic person.

No cam inappropriate for an adult environment

Colored Nic, Mic & Stereo Card to Spin

TDTM is proud to be an Adult Environment. Please ensure that your cam reflects that

In order to be on mic in TDTM you must have a paid nic, stereo card and mic. You must plan to use mic.


TDTM prides itself on the quality of sound eminating from its mic persons, please be one of them.


If you want to learn the techinicalities of taking mic please see a Super Admin.

Bo Rebel, Owner